About Us




Who are we?

Compare The Uni is the no.1 university comparison website in the UK and was set up in 2011 by two graduates that realised there was a real lack of information to help students to make the right decision. As a result of this, many students were making the wrong decision and consequently the university drop out rate was increasing. With the very controversial increase in tuition fees, they decided to launch Compare The Uni to help prospective students decide what and where to study and the rest is history!  

What we do!

At Compare The Uni our sole aim is to provide a FREE service to all students contemplating university in the UK. We provide students with the tools they need to make an informed choice about where to spend their all important university years!

We do this with our: 

  •  Course Finder: A unique and easy to use university course search engine that enables you to find the right course!
  •  Uni Finder: A university search engine with an A-Z list of UK universities equipped with quick stats!
  •  Comparison system: That allows you to compare universities and even subjects side by side! 
  •  Official League Tables: Subject and League tables from both The Times and The Guardian.
  •  Top notch student advice: Informative articles including personal statement advice and interview advice.
  •  Real student articles: Student written articles on everything from university dos and donts to gap years.

Who we work with?

At Compare The Uni we work closely with Unistats and The Higher Education Funding Council, which enables us to provide accurate, official and up-to-date information throughout the site. Whilst, we also work with universities across the UK!

Furthermore, a lot of our article contributors on Compare The Uni are students! If you would like to become a Compare The Uni article writer or know somebody who would just click here and drop us an email!

Any charges to students?

We wouldn't dream of taking your student loan!

Big thanks to our team.

This website was built with love and care, as well as a lot of blood, sweat and Skype calls. We in particular want to thank Shawn Smith and the Netstuffers team for their constant ability to adapt to our many changes and demands as we've developed and grown over the years!

Lastly, to all of our friends and family that have supported us through the late nights and university comparison obsession!