STUDY ABROAD: UCL Economics student talks about his year abroad studying in America - Washington D.C!

UCL Economics student studying abroad for the year in USA,  Washington DC!

Studying abroad in the US is a  completely different experience from the UK: the constant assessments, the amazing campus atmosphere and the school spirit. Having the option to go abroad as part of my degree was an important decision and I feel I definitely made the right decision coming to Georgetown University, in Washington, D.C.  It has been an amazing experience thus far and studying economics at a different location from UCL has been an eye-opener.

The biggest difference between the UK and US system of education is the constant assessments. There are no mid-term exams, no research papers due every other week and no exams in December at UCL for economics. There is also a general curriculum which College students must follow to graduate. Having to take courses on writing and humanities is not something an economics degree in the UK requires and is something I hadn’t done in a while!

The campus atmosphere is also very different. Georgetown is renowned for having an amazing campus and the bubble of Georgetown is immense. Living only 15 minutes away from Embassy row and in an area which houses many notable politicians is incredible. Georgetown University also brings in world-leading speakers such as Hamid Karzai, Hillary Clinton and Bono. There are also informal events, where celebrities come to campus, such as when Bradley Cooper or Patrick Ewing were walking around campus or the Miami Heat were practicing at Georgetown! In my time in DC I have also managed to have a tour of the West Wing of the White House and have been to the World Bank, which has been very inspiring!



School spirit is also an amazing feature of the US system, with basketball games being played at the Verizon centre, which is also where the DC NBA team, the Washington Wizards also play. With a great history of basketball talent at Georgetown it Is a great tradition to be keen on sports. Dougie Fresh even came to perform at the pep rally for the basketball team at the beginning of the year!

Overall, studying abroad is a great experience and the US is a great place to be. Being in DC provides countless opportunities to have good experiences. Studying abroad is something not many UK universities offer and could be an important factor in deciding where to apply. I was glad that UCL provided me with the opportunity to study abroad at Georgetown in Washington D.C.

By Zohair Hassan current Economics Student at UCL. 

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