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Gap Year - Why I took one and why it was the best decision I made!

Hi everyone! My names Nathan Brandon-Bravo and i'm a law graduate from Sheffield Hallam University! I have been kindly asked by Compare the Uni to write about Gap Years as, like many students, I took one!!

Many students contemplate the idea of taking a Gap Year after finishing their A Levels or College years, before heading off on another long stint of education.

Like all big decisions, its important to weigh up the positives & negatives; I hope to share some of the decisions I had to make, why I made them & why I'm so glad I did! 

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University Personal Statements

Straight from the horse's mouth - Thoughts of an Undergraduate Admissions Officer from a Russel Group University!

What do you look for in a personal statement?

  • Keep the content simple and clear but appropriately formal and academic
  • Use plain English. Precision in expressing ideas is best achieved by using accurate and ordinary words.
  • Use short sentences (15-20 words)
  • Check grammar and spelling
  • Avoid quotations, or use them sparingly and for a specific purpose. Remember, it is your personal statement. If you use quotations think about why, and do not let them speak for themselves. Make sure you have demonstrated explicitly why you are quoting. Integrate them into your argument.
  • Include information about your non-academic interests and accomplishments, skills and achievements.

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University dos and university don'ts!

Dos and Donts​When someone tells you they’re a student apart from possibly asking what they study and where, the title ‘Student’ alone speaks for itself. University life is more than just your degree it is YOUR life, your social circle will change and evolve, your eating habits will change and your body clock will encounter more changes than there are time zones on this planet. But you will undoubtedly come out completely different and hopefully with a great degree. 

So having spent 4 years in university and lived on campus, at home, and rented a place with friends, I’ve pretty much experienced university as diversely as it gets, so here’s a few pointers I’ve gathered on the way, to steer you through the journey that is University life.

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